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Distance from Parga:
0 kilometers, train leaves from Krioneri Beach in Parga
Departure times: 10.00 / 12.00 / 18.00 / 20.00


Anthousa Travel and the mini tourist train welcome you to beautiful Parga for   an unforgettable holiday. One of the best trips in Parga is the trip with the tour-train. The tourist train is a safe and comfortable 4300cc vehicle. It uses two carriages, each with twenty seats and the speed does not exceed 25km per hour so passengers can relax and enjoy the journey as our expert guide informs them about the area’s rich history.The journey lasts about two hours. The starting point is on the seafront of Parga opposite the small island of Panagia. The train leaves town and heads towards the village of Anthousa passing through vibrant greenery and luxuriant olive groves.


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After Anthousa the vegetation becomes gradually more wild and the train passes the small but impressive gorge of the despot before, 7km from Parga ,it reaches the castle of Ali-Pasha. Here there is a half –hour stop during which the passengers can savour the castle’s majestic view of the Ionian Sea – from Corfu and the islands of Paxi the breathtaking panorama stretches as far as Lefkas .Spread out below the castle, the mountainous landscape and fertile slopes offer the tourist scenery that includes the picturesque hamlets of Agias, Anthousa and Trikorfo. The journey back to Parga includes a half-hour stop at Anthousa for a short drink or walk around on traditional village before returning on the same road to the starting point. Tickets you get only on the train station.


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